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Get to know Skodel

Skodel is a mental wellbeing platform on a mission to reduce hidden and unaddressed mental wellbeing issues in organisations. Our vision is to create a world where people in organisations feel comfortable sharing important matters and leaders are prepared to support.

What is Skodel

Skodel's software is used to send mental wellbeing check-ins, link people to relevant support, policies and procedures, and report on this.

Who we support

Skodel supports executive leadership teams and people in organisations. Examples include:

  1. Schools and universities: Home to a diverse population of students, teachers, and staff, all facing unique stressors. Hidden and unaddressed mental health concerns can escalate into serious issues and impact academic outcomes and reputation.

  2. Parents of students: Deeply invested in the wellbeing of their child but have limited insight into it. Limited collaboration between schools and parents on social and emotional development weakens trust and strains school and parent relationships.

  3. Teachers in education: Classroom management, grading, administrative tasks and the emotional toll of supporting students creates stress. No outlet to express this and access support impacts burnout, mental fatigue and feelings of isolation which leads to turnover.

  4. Corporate/business sector: High pressure environment where mental wellbeing impacts culture, performance and turnover. Serious concerns that could be flagged and addressed early often go unreported, prolonging their impact.

  5. Students in schools: Academic pressures, isolation and increasing mental illnesses are prominent among students. Reluctance to communicate this face to face means minor concerns go undetected and can escalate into serious safety issues.

  6. Leadership teams: Increasingly expected to support and report on wellbeing but have limited visibility and support to do this. Stakeholders perceive lack of transparent reporting and tangible initiatives as neglecting wellbeing which impacts reputation.

Example use cases

  1. Identify and respond to issues like burnout early

  2. Anonymous wellbeing feedback from everyone to inform strategic changes

  3. Track the impact of your changes on wellbeing

  4. A 24/7 available outlet for people to share concerns and access support

  5. Clear documentation of available mental health outlets and support provided

  6. Multilingual support for diverse groups

  7. Transparent wellbeing impact reports for stakeholders

  8. Encourage internal resolution of internal issues rather than people sharing these externally

  9. A more meaningful and authentic internal feedback process focused on wellbeing

Skodel's solution

Our solution is designed to encourage help seeking behaviour and help everyone improve their general level of wellbeing.

  • Skodel Strategy: Map out key outcomes, actions and metrics as a leadership team.

  • Skodel Discover: Check-in, survey and lodge a concern functionality.

  • Skodel Support: Host policies, procedures and next steps to be triggered based on specific data parameters.

  • Skodel Report: Configurable dashboards, filters, alert system and exportable reports.